Countires Eligible for Delivery
Customs, Duties, and Taxes

Countries Eligible for Delivery


The following countries and regions are eligible for:

  • Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates 

  • Americas: United States of America 

  • Asia Pacific: China, Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam,​ Australia         

  • Europe: France, Germany, Russia, Spain

Delivery Time (Under COVID-19)

We ship fresh and authentic skincare products from our fulfillment center in South Korea - where all manufacturers are -  internationally collaborating with our best logistics partners. Under COVID-19, Air travel has been restricted and it affects our ability to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as we have done before COVID-19. For our consumers right anticipation we describe a timeframe below but it may take longer and certain destinations might see further restrictions:


  • 5 to 7 Business days +/-     : China (Air), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates

  • 7 to 10 Business days +/-    : USA, Australia, China (Sea), France, Germany, Hongkong, Kuwait, Philippines, Russia,                                                    Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

  Middle East    Kuwait     KSA      UAE 

  up to 1kg             $24           $24      $15

  up to 2kg            $34           $35      $23

Delivery Rates

We deliver to 24 countries with competitive delivery prices because we negotiated hard with global courier service partners and keep negotiating to offer everyday better prices for our customers. 


Our delivery is all Air Express (Except China Sea) and the rate is displayed when you select a Country to deliver at Checkout. The rate is calculated automatically by the Country and our product weight - from 500g up to 4.9kg (with an incremental value of 500g) and over 5kg-10kg orders apply a higher flat rate.

Below is a brief rates for each destination countries we deliver. See full list of rate. If you shop with your currency, delivery fee will be displayed in your currency converted from USD rate below. 


  up to 1kg                       $18                     

  up to 2kg                      $27              

  Asia Pacific  HK  Japan  Malaysia  Philippines  Singapore  Taiwan  Vietnam  Australia

  up to 1kg       $6       $8            $9             $15                 $9              $9            $13         $15

  up to 2kg      $9       $11            $13           $26                $14             $12           $24        $26

  Europe                                  France       Germany         Spain   

  price per piece                             $ 12                 $11                   $10

  price per piece (Premium)           $30                 $30                 $30               


  up to 1kg                       $19      

  up to 2kg                      $33                     

                                    China  Thailand  

          price per piece                    $3     $8             

          price per piece(Premium)   $17    $30                

Customs, Duties & Taxes (Import Fees)

Your order may be subject to the custom taxes of the country to which your order ships. The destination countries' regulate import taxes mostly with total order amount and product types (in China).


Certain destination has set a limit of Daily Order amount. Certain countries waive customs taxes if a total order amount falls below a minimum value. From 1 June 2021, UK and EU request eCommerce business like us to comply with customer's VAT obligation. Click each link to see detailed information.

We offer global shipping intelligence from logistics partners for your mindful shopping about possible extra charge in Import Fess but this information is not to give you exact amount we charge but to explain potential charging structure by each destination's custom department.  To confirm final import rules and fees calculation, contact customs offices of your order destination country​.

Recipient Records (Required ID & Address Language)

The recipient of the your Order is the "importer" and its records must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the destination country. Customs offices in the countries below may request form of identification (i.e. Passport number, local Tax ID, local custom ID) by SMS or phone  and certain countries request address for the order shall be written in local language on Flight Invoice.

  • Countries required to write recipient's name and address in local language: China, Japan

  • ID (Local ID/Passport) number required: China, Taiwan, Russia (ITIN, INN number) 

Order Tracking


Track your order deliveries with the tracking number SKINLIKEKOREANS emails after orders are fulfilled. Find your destination country and matching logistics partners of SKINLIKEKOREANS as below, and visit their website with tracking numbers ready.