The cost to ship items to each regions varies by weight. SLK works closely with global courier service providers to offer a competitive shipping experience for our customers. SLK proudly offers the lowest prices for Korean cosmetics in your region by working directly with brands, no middlemen traders for surcharge - and utilizing online technologies for its operations and marketing. 

We offers transparency in product pricing and delivery rates - with no hidden costs - so consumers can pay with confident. Exact shipping charges are determined at the time of checkout based on the sum of weight of all the items in the cart as described in product details.

Basic guidelines for estimating shipping costs are provided in the table below for your reference. "Per weight" costs listed below as applying per milliliter/milligram apply to actual weight of products as in product details. 

Under the COVID-19, global courier services became limited; less frequency of cargo flight raised the rate and more days delayed to get any parcels. SLK always negotiates best deals with global couriers for consumers and it is updating no days are guaranteed, currently only Priority Courier Shipping with the world renowned courier service providers: 


Customer's Right

SLK Middle East is a participant in the Digital Protection initiative, dedicated to protecting your consumer rights and addressing your concerns. For more information about consumer rights, visit www.consumerrights.ae.